ISO 9001:2008


"Consistent Processes Give Expected Results."

This is the quality statement that was adopted by the management of Skana Aluminum Company in September 2010. Employees at all levels are committed too producing product to the customer's specification each and every time. Employees at all levels are dedicated to sustaining the legacy of quality of aluminum manufacturing through a systematic process recognized by the International Organization of Standards.

Within two months of acquiring the assets and rehabilitating the shuttered rolling mill, management began the process of developing its QMS and commitment to achieving certification by the end of 2010.

Verisys Registrars of Wisconsin was chosen as the auditor of record performing a two- day audit at the facility on October 25-26, 2010. Auditor Tom Bennett found a company in "flux", just the way they like it. This means that the QMS system is being utilized; issues are being identified and changes are being made throughout the operation.  Verisys' mission is "helpful auditing' and they lived up to this by offering many suggestions for improvement.

On April 7, 2010 Mr. Bennett returned for a one-day surveillance audit to verify the improvements we had made, and left making the written observation,

"Excellent improvements have been made addressing minor non-conformances and leadership has done a nice job providing resources resulting in improving overall QMS"

We have already begun the next phase of implementation by working with the floor to document work instructions; collecting mission critical data at each of the processes; develop, track and improve specific training programs and use the tools of 5S to make the plant operations more efficient.

Robert Gamba, President and COO recently stated, "The more I read our quality statement the more it rings true. Consistency is the key." This is what we strive for.


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