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Skana Aluminum is a fully integrated rolling mill, with direct chill (DC) casting, hot and cold rolling, slitting, and tension leveling practices that provide finished coil, sheet and circle capabilities.


Skana is very efficient at casting small quantities of specialized alloys, yet continues to excel servicing those customers who desire higher volume of more common alloys. Our DC casting process and subsequent processing methods allow us to obtain extremely small grain structure well suited for deep draw O-temper requirements.

Skana Aluminum’s unique mill capability can produce common alloys of 1050, 1100, 3003, 3004 and 3005 in O, H1X, H2X and H3X tempers. With its history as a plant producing cookware, Skana Aluminum is recognized throughout the industry for pure alloy deep draw applications. With a homogenizing process and distinctive water chilled cooling system on the hot mill, Skana consistently offers excellent grain structure.

This fine grain aspect of Skana produced material, in conjunction with time proven annealing practices, make Skana Aluminum a solid choice in North America for deep draw applications.

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