Skana Aluminum’s unique mill capability can produce diverse alloys in O, H1X, H2X and H3X tempers. With its history as a plant producing cookware, Skana Aluminum is recognized throughout the industry for pure alloy deep draw applications. A proprietary homogenizing process and distinctive water chilled cooling system on the hot mill has enabled Skana to consistently offer excellent grain structure.

This fine grain aspect of Skana produced material, in conjunction with time proven annealing practices, makes Skana Aluminum the best choice in North America.

Current markets being served include: Cookware and Bakeware, Automotive Heat Shield manufacturing, Aluminum bottles and Packaging, Brite sheet and Distribution

Skana Aluminum is going beyond just being a mill producing high quality aluminum coils to offering blanking capabilities for circles. We offer a full range of die cuts and our equipment capabilities are growing.